Aims & Scope

Current World Environment an international, open access, peer reviewed research journal of environmental science is published tri-annually  with sole aim of rapid dissemination of scientific knowledge among scientists, technocrats, planner and elite citizens for a better life supporting system and to promote the cause for environment and sustainable responses to climate change.

The journal provides opportunity to publish research papers, reviews, technical notes covering almost all aspects of environment including environmental pollution, environmental laws, environmental chemistry, environmental management, environmental health, ecological and environmental protection etc. The journal encourages to report on environmental  hot issues such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, solid waste, recycling, natural resources, wildlife, forests and wetlands, acid rain, climate change, reactive nitrogen, trans-boundary pollution, mega city pollution, biodiversity, deforestation, management of hazardous and non-hazardous solid wastes, occupational health hazards, toxicology, biotechnology conservation, eco-technology for  the remedy of environmental problems, soil fertility, soil chemistry, soil physics, soil genesis, classification and morphology with emphasis on soil, plant and environment relationship, industrial hygiene, radioactive pollution, radiation effects, waste water treatment, dynamics and behaviour of chemicals in the environment, and so on.

Current World Environment provides a multidisciplinary forum for the international community.