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10 Simple Steps to Maximize your Citation


In a scholar’s career, the number and more significantly, the quality of citations of the papers is quite imperative as it is increasingly being used as an index for promotions, funding and grant reviews. Having a considerably high amount of citations profoundly displays the impact your research has

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Author Instructions

Author's Instructions

Writing scientific papers is a highly significant step in any sort of research. A well written science papers brings out the essence of the research’s topic and highlights the core issues, therefore gathering appreciation from a wider audience. On the other hand, a shabby, vague science paper leaves

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Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

There are some ethical canons for publication that exist so that a high-quality scientific publication and civic trust in scientific verdicts can be guaranteed and that people receive credit for their ideas. They are used in publication of scientific papers to evade the pitfalls of plagiarism and other unintentional ethics desecrations such as duplicate submissions, incongruous repetition, and publication delinquency.

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Why Open Access Journals ?

Open Access

With the rise of technology, this age has opened gates to many new ways of enabling people to display their works in innovative ways. One such example of it is scholars using open access journals for publishing their articles. But over a few years, scientists have raised their eyebrows on OA, debating on whether it is a nice option

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