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April 2014

Volume 9 | Number 1

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Algal Bloom in Aquatic Ecosystems-an Overview

M. Ghorbani1, S. A. Mirbagheri2, A. H. Hasani3, S. M. Monavari4, J. Nouri5

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Prospect of Neem Plantation at Arafat, Saudi Arabia

M. A. U  Mridha* and N. A. Al-Suhaibani

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Phytoremediation of Petroleum-Contaminated Soils around Isfahan Oil Refinery (Iran) by Sorghum and Barley

Farida Irajy Asiabadi1, Seyed Ahmad Mirbagheri2*, Payam Najafi3, Faramarz Moatar4

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Biochemical and Photosynthetic Evaluation of Responses in Zea mays L. Under Drought Stress

S. S. Abu-Muriefah1,  Mohamed M. Ibrahim*2,3, and Gehan A. Elgaaly4

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Biodegradable Hydrogels Based on Alginate for Control Drug Delivery Systems

Mohammad Sadeghi*, Esmat Mohammad inasab, Fatemeh Shafiei, Sahar, Hossein Sadeghi, Hadis Shasavari

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