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December 2014

Volume 9 | Number 3

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Knowledge-Based System for Environmental Monitoring of Contract Areas in the Caspian Sea

R.A. Karayev 1*, K.A.  Aliyev2, N.Yu. Sadikhova1, X.F. Imamverdiyeva1

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Primary Inventorization of Electronic Waste in Bhopal City

P.P.S. Chandel1, S. Sarsaiya2, S. Gautam2, G. Singh Mandloi2, V. Nigam2 and R. Gour2

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The Potential of Dark Purple Scented Rice- From Staple Food to Nutraceutical Nutraceutical benefit of Dark Purple rice

Kangabam Rajiv Das1, Kangabam Medhabati2, Khumu kcham Nongalleima2, Huidrom Sunitibala Devi2

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A Study on Community Based Aquaculture Promoted by KVK-Khordha, Odisha, India

P. N. Ananth1*, P. R. Sahoo1, A. K. Dash1, B.K. Pati 1, P. Jayasankar2 And S.R.K. Singh3

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The Effect of Degradation of Ground water Resources on Capital of Pistachio Growers in Kerman Province

Seyed Mostafa Mortazavi1, Karim Solaimani2, Ali Akbar Matkan3, Mahmood Habibnejad2, Mir Khaleq Zia-Tabar Ahmadi2

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Quality Enhancement of Environmental Aesthetics Experience Through Ecological Assessment

Ali Reza Sadeghi1,  Mohammadreza Pourjafar2, Ali Akbar Taghvaee3, Parviz Azadfallah4

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Impact of Source Area Desertification on Dust Storm Emission in the Western Parts of Iran

Davoud Akhzari1*, Behnaz attaeian1, Mohammad Bashir Gonbad1 and Kamran Shayesteh2

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Do Extensive Rubber Plantation Influences Local Environment? A Case Study From Tripura, Northeast India.

Abhik Majumder1, Sadrita Datta2,Bal Krishan Choudhary3, Koushik Majumdar3*

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Limnology: A Critical Review

Basavarajappa S. H1, N. S. Raju1 and S. P. Hosmani2

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Estimating the Ecological Footprint of Transportation in the City of Isphahan (Iran)

Kamran Shayesteh1*, Kobra Melhosseini Darani1 and Alireza Ildoromi2

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Identifying and Prioritizing Green Management Indicators in the Fields of Energy and Waste

Marjan Daneshvar Tehrani1, Hooman Bahmanpour*2, Mojgan Zaeimdar3, Lobat Taghavi

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Uncertainty Analysis of Monthly Stream flow Forecasting

Majid Dehghan1, Bahram Saghafian1, Firoozeh Rivaz3,  Ahmad Khodadadi3

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