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August 2014

Volume 9 | Number 2

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Assessment of Ambient Air Quality in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia

B. H. Alharbi1*, M. J. Pasha1, and N. Tapper2

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Impact of Thane Cyclone on Tree Damage in Pondicherry University Campus, Puducherry, India

Sm. Sundarapandian*, K. Mageswaran, D. Sanjay Gandhi, And Javid Ahmad Dar

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Conservation Strategies for Kavandi Lake Based on Water Quality

D. D. Bhutekar1,3, S. B. Aher2*, M. G. Babare3

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The Perception of the Langkawi Community on Solid Waste Management

Noor Khafazilah Abdullah*, Zaini Sakawi, Lukman Ismail

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Strategic Use of Government Procurement to Spur Renewable Energy Generation in Malaysia

KhairulNaim Adham*, Chamhuri Siwar and Md. Anowar Hossain Bhuiyan

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Watershed Sustainability Index Assessment of a Watershed in Chhattisgarh, India

Surendra Kumar Chandniha1*, M. L Kansal2, and G. Anvesh3

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Bright Farming: An Innovative Approach for Sustainable Socio Ecosystem in Climate Change Scenario

Yogranjan1, Ajay Kumar Srivastava2 , Gyanesh K. Satpute3, Rakesh S. Marabi4

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Measurement of Odour Concentration from Livestock Farm

Lukman Ismail1, Zaini Sakawi2 and Mohamad Khalil Saipi1

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An Approach to Geotopes of Jajrud Catchment Basin from Meygun to Darbandsar

Asemeh Soleimanifakhr1, Kamran Rezaeizadeh Mahabadi2*

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Glacier Geosite of Tale-Tange Valley

Kamran Rezaeizadeh Mahabadi1, Asemeh Soleimanifakhr2

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