Correction, Retraction, Withdrawal policies


Corrections are published if the publication record is seriously affected with regard to the accuracy of published information. Corrections are published in the subsequent issue under Corrections and addendum.


Retractions are done when the main conclusion of the paper is seriously undermined.

Readers should first contact the authors of the original paper and then write to the journal, including copies of the correspondence with the authors. The editors will consult reviewers for their comments. The article will be retracted in cases such as multiple submission, plagiarism or fraudulent use of data.

Current World Environment Journal’s Retraction policy is based, in large part, on the guidelines and standards developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Please seeĀ

Withdrawal Policy

Manuscripts may be withdrawn by submitting a letter to the editorial office stating the reasons for manuscript withdrawal and submitting the signed manuscript withdrawal form .

If an author requests a withdrawal within 10 days of submission, the author is allowed to withdraw the manuscript without paying any withdrawal fee, however if authors withdraw manuscripts any time after review and acceptance, a withdrawal fee will have to be paid.
For India Rs. 1000/-
for Other countries $50/-